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May Eve

Bright blessings of May Eve, known also as Beltane and in the Dianic Wiccan Tradition as

suggested by Ruth Barrett, Maidenfire! At this bright point on the wheel of the year we

celebrate fertility and blossoming aliveness. “In the mythic cycle of the Goddess, the Maiden

becomes initiated into womanhood through her first menstruation, her first bloods. With the

onset of menarche, passion awakens and girls begin the transition to becoming young women, entering into the mysteries of womanhood. The young goddess becomes the Virgin, She Who Is Whole Unto Herself, possessing herself and possessed by no one.” Sisters, this is an especially beautiful time to honor our own bloods, our own bodies and the power of our sexual selves. Affirm that “biophilia, the passionate love of life, is our birthright experienced through our holy female bodies.” In celebration this May Eve, consider exploring this self-blessing or one that speaks to you most in the moment. Make eye contact with yourself in a mirror (perhaps explore gazing at your whole body naked), and behold the Goddess within you. Then, using an essential oil, touch your body as you affirm:

“Blessed be my mind, that I may always think of You.

Blessed be my eyes, that I may see Your ways.

Blessed be my ears, that I may hear Your voice above all others.

Blessed be my mouth, that I may always speak and sing of You.

Blessed be my heart, that I may love myself and others, as I love You.

Blessed be my breasts, formed in strength and beauty, that I may grow in my power to nurture and protect, as you have nurtured and protected me.

Blessed be my womb and yoni, that I may know pleasure in creativity, as You have brought

forth the universe.

Blessed be my hands, that I may do Your work.

Blessed be my legs and feet, that I may always walk and dance upon Your paths.

I am Goddess. Blessed be.”

May love of life dance brightly through our bodies, hearts and minds.

In loving memory of Marie Summerwood,

Cherie Ackerson

All quotes refer to writings of Ruth Barrett.

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