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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect?
    Fun, sisterhood, connections, laughter, tears, deep learning, new friends, delicious food, beautiful sunsets, engaging workshops, rituals, singing, and more. When you first arrive you'll check-in at Hestia's Cauldron where you will be given your housing assignment, Program Book, and will be able to ask any questions you might have. The location of your housing assignment will be pointed out to you on the map on the back of the Program Book. Take your time to orient yourself, check out the SisterShare tasks available and sign up, use the restroom, etc. When you're ready, you'll be able to drive your car close to your cabin/tenting site to unload. Once you've unloaded and moved your car to the parking lot, your time is yours to settle in and explore. Important announcements are made during mealtimes. There will be an All Call meeting the first evening and following morning that everyone should try to attend. We hold a Community Discussion on Sunday after brunch where everyone is encouraged to share their feedback and desires for the future of The Sacred Feminine Rising. We are a community based organization, therefore the voice of our community is an essential part of who we are and what we will be. Other things to expect, especially if you have not been to a womyn’s spiritual festival before, are deep emotions and a feeling of finding home. Expect to be fatigued but not wanting to go to bed. Deep connections forged in just a few days. Expect a few naked womyn or girls. Expect to laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. Prepare to be amazed at the power of the Divine Feminine in your life. You belong here. Some suggestions: Read through your Program Book to familiarize yourself with the schedule and necessary information. Consider circling the workshops you're interested in attending. The daily schedule is similar each day. Try to resist overscheduling yourself and leave room for discovery, long conversations, and relaxation. Put self-care at the top of your to do list. With the exception of our All Call, everything is optional, but we highly encourage you to keep an open mind and try everything.
  • What element is being honored this year?
    We will be honoring the element of Fire in 2024 This year specifically we honor Fire in our creations, ritual, workshops, and decor, and invite you to do the same by setting up your own Fire altars in your sleeping spaces, and wearing Fire colors (vibrant reds, oranges, yellows.) Fire represents things both seen (flames) and unseen (embers). A very active element, Fire is associated with movement, will, strong emotion, transformation and passion. Fire’s planet is the Sun and her season is Summer. Almost every culture has Goddesses associated with Fire: Kali, Hestia, Chantico, Pele, Arinitti, Amaterasu, Oya, and Sekhmet are but a few Goddesses of Fire. Fire is also associated with birth, the home and hearth, and ferocity. Think of the Leo’s and Sagitarians you know, the momma bears, and other animals that will defend home, hearth and children at any cost. The magical tools of Fire are the wand and the cauldron. Colors associated with Fire are, of course, red, orange and yellow. Gemstones are ruby, jasper, garnet and opal. Plants, herbs and flower correspondences are sunflowers, ginger, nettle and frankincense. Call on Fire in magical working with intentions that involve movement and change. Be bold. Reach for your inner ferocity, your personal Fire. Your Fire is needed in these times. As above, so, below. Although our honored element changes each year, at every festival we honor earth in many ways by composting, use the fewest disposables possible, and recycling. We give libations and thanks to the Indigenous people of the Seneca Nation and Iroquois Confederacy on whose land we gather.
  • What is the earliest time I can arrive?
    We will be ready to welcome you Wednesday, August 28, 2024 at noon. The first meal provided is dinner on Wednesday. Bring or eat lunch beforehand and fill your car with gas before you arrive. Starting your journey home on a full tank of gas on Sunday ensures that you can hold on to the magic just a little bit longer by not having to stop and interact with the world as soon as you leave.
  • Where can I find the daily schedule and list of workshops?
    We'll send a Welcome Letter in mid-August with a preview of the schedule. You will also receive a Program Book when you check-in that will contain a schedule with descriptions, including all of the rituals and activities. If changes occur after the Program Book is printed, that information will be available at the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron.
  • How do you practice environmental responsibility during festival?
    At every festival, we honor earth in many ways by composting, using the fewest disposables possible, and recycling. We strongly discourage bottled water (the local water is fresh and delicious and is always on hand), and we try to leave no trace of our presence. The Sacred Recycling Center is where to bring your gently used sacred or ritual objects to pass on. We also do not use, and ask that you not use, single use plastics, fireworks, balloons, non-biodegradable glitter or floating balloon lanterns.
  • What is expected of me during festival?
    To take what you need and leave the rest. To rest, enjoy, eat, swim, play, make deep connections with other womyn, sing, make music, find or grow your spiritual path, howl at the moon, sit at the fire, attend workshops, walk the labyrinth, or make art. We expect you to treat others with kindness and compassion, be a willing co-creator of our community and keep yourself safe. Sometimes such deep, meaningful work and energy at festival is unsettling. Talk to someone if you are unsettled. It is not the place to make big decisions, but rather to ask the Divine for guidance.
  • Is there any possibility the festival will be cancelled?
    We hope not, but despite our magickal powers, we can't (always) predict the future. If a cancellation becomes necessary we will notify you as soon as possible by email or whatever means necessary.
  • Is there assistance available for me if I can't walk more than a short distance?
    Yes! We will have golf carts making the rounds to pick-up anyone who needs assistance getting from one place to another. You are also welcome to bring a scooter or other mobility device.
  • What are the parking arrangements? Will there be handicapped parking?
    There is ample parking and handicapped spaces at the camp and we're happy to ferry you to the parking areas in a golf cart.
  • What are the accommodations like?
    Our camp is rustic, but comfortable. Our main accommodations are what we're call “Hen Houses” - wooden cabins with doors and windows. They have beds for four, but we will put no more than three in each Hen House unless you specifically request a fourth. There is limited electricity in the cabin areas, and there will be a Porta Jane in each cluster of Hen Houses along with a water spigot. There are hot showers and flush toilets readily available in the main building and the shower house. Some Hen Houses have a solar overhead light, but not all of them. Battery or solar powered lanterns and fans are highly encouraged. Tenting is also an option. There are a few group cabins that have electricity and running water. Those are specifically reserved for womyn who need to plug in a medical device (CPAP, etc).
  • Can I change my sleeping arrangements when I arrive?
    Yes, as long as there is space available. We might have more space in the Hen Houses than we’ll need, or you can decide to tent at the last minute.
  • Can I stay off-site and commute in each day?
    Much like a cast circle, we hold our gathering as a spiritual container while we are together and would prefer that womyn do not come and go from the land each day unless absolutely necessary. Commuting disrupts the energy that we invoke. We are always engaging with each other within the micro-community that is created for these five special days and the moments that happen during scheduled activities and in the spaces in between are essential parts of our connection to one another. If your hesitation to stay on land is a concern that we will not be able to meet a specific accessibility need, please let us know so that we may work together to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Please email to discuss your concerns in private.
  • What do I do if I have an issue with my roommates?
    We model conflict resolution skills to each other. If there is an issue, we ask that you have a private conversation with that person before you seek intervention. We have a Conflict Resolution Policy as well as a team of womyn who have volunteered to help resolve issues. Stop by the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron for help, if needed.
  • My group was split up in our sleeping arrangements. Who can I talk to?
    If you indicated that you want to be together on your registration form, we will put four in a Hen House and if there are more than four we will assign you adjoining Hen Houses. If someone in your group needs electricity for a medical device then that person will need to be housed separately from the group. Please go to the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron if you have any other questions.
  • What happens in the event of inclement weather?
    Embrace the Mother in all of her forms! Dance in the rain. Have a sense of wonder at the wind or in a storm. Pack layers and rain gear so that you can be comfortable in any situation. If an emergency arises, we will make sure everyone receives any necessary information. We have an Extreme Weather Policy (available at Grapevine), flares, air horns, and a plan for sheltering in case of dangerous weather.
  • What do I do in case of an emergency?
    Seek out anyone nearby with a walkie-talkie - we have a few health care professionals on land that can be contacted to help. If convenient, go to the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron. When appropriate, do not hesitate to dial 911, but make sure someone with a walkie-talkie is notified of the situation as soon as possible. The camp name and address can be found on the map on the back of the Program Book. There are two designated overnight emergency contacts, one in the upper camp and one in the lower. Her sleeping area is clearly marked with a red cross. Please contact her first for any overnight emergencies.
  • When are meals?
    Chef-prepared meals are provided three times a day. Breakfast: 7:00 - 8:30am Lunch: 1 - 2:00 pm Dinner: 6:00 - 7:00 pm These times will change slightly depending on program needs. Snacks are provided in Hestia's Cauldron 24/7 and coffee, tea, water, and milk are always available.
  • What kind of food will be provided?
    Delicious chef-prepared food will be provided for each meal. All of our food is made on site from local vendors and local farmer's markets. Most of our meals are vegetarian but there is always an poultry option at at least one meal. Our menu contains lots of veggies, fruits and whole grains.
  • How can I make sure my dietary requirements are going to be met?
    Please be sure to indicate your requirements on your registration form. If, for some reason, we can't meet them, we will let you know as soon as we can. All of our offerings are labeled with their contents. While every effort will be made, we can not guarantee against cross-contamination with allergens. If you have severe allergies, please make your own arrangements to bring food for yourself. If there is a unique food item that you need, please bring it along. Fridge space is available in Hestia's Cauldron for personal storage. Always have your epi-pen with you.
  • Do you offer childcare?
    No. There are some child focused playshops scheduled, but no regular childcare.
  • How do you ensure a safe environment?
    We take our physical, emotional, and psychic safety VERY seriously. For physical safety, the gate at the entrance to camp is locked and a sign indicates a private event is in progress. No one is allowed on land if they are not a participant. The only exception is if a needed maintenance crew has to come on land to fix something vital. We clearly announce “Man on Land” as they enter camp. The staff all carry radios for instant communication of problems or issues. We have an extensive first aid kit, and several EMTs and nurses on staff. 911 service is readily available. We have an Extreme Weather Policy (available at Grapevine), flares, air horns and a plan for sheltering in case of dangerous weather. There are fire extinguishers in the kitchen area. We are careful with open fires and our dedicated fire tenders never leave them unattended. We do not allow open flames in cabins, tents, or Hen Houses. For personal physical safety we expect everyone to be respectful toward every person's physical boundaries and to ASK if it’s ok to hug or touch someone before you do so. For emotional safety, we expect everyone to respect boundaries and “No” from another womyn. Remember that there may be womyn who are survivors of sexual trauma or have PTSD triggers, so read the room - if a sensitive subject comes up, ask permission of all in the room to continue. If someone is uncomfortable, looks away or otherwise indicates discomfort, stop immediately. We also expect everyone to be aware of adult conversations when children are around. As a community we agree that The Sacred Feminine Rising is a place where womyn and girls can work together to learn and live the three-fold principle: that what you do physically and energetically comes back to you three times. Therefore, we focus our energies on love and positive thought and do not expect there to be any issues regarding psychic safety. Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. We focus on lifting each other up by offering support and encouragement and through the magick performed to support the healing of womyn. Every womyn is free to trust her own inner wisdom in what she chooses to participate in and/or receive, or not. If there is an offering or an energetic experience that does not fit or align with your internal wisdom you are free to say no, walk away, and choose not to receive it. If you find yourself in need of support, please visit the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron or speak with any one of our staff so that we may connect you with someone who can help.
  • How do I find support during festival?
    We have a group of womyn who have volunteered to form our Support Team. Ask anyone with a radio to find a member of our Support Team, or ask at the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron.
  • Am I allowed to smoke or drink during Festival?
    There will be a clearly marked designated smoking/vaping area. We ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol or other recreational drugs while on land as it is not compatible with Sacred Space or deep spiritual work.
  • Can I take pictures of the Festival, rituals, camp, etc?
    Yes, with a few exceptions. You MUST ask permission before photographing others. This is a safe space where we respect each other's boundaries and personal autonomy without exception. No one is allowed to take pictures of any of our rituals. You must obtain express permission from any presenter and all those attending a workshop before photographing it. No video recording of any kind is allowed. Photos that involve people are NOT to be posted on any social media site, public or private. The only exception is within our Private Facebook Group. If your photos contain any identifiable womyn or children in them then you must obtain their permission before posting in our group. Otherwise, please take photos of your personal areas, friends, the land, fires, your cabin, beautiful sunsets, your own breast casting, etc. and share them with our group! TSFR staff also take many photos during festival that we may use on our website or Facebook group. If you do not want any photo posted on the website or Facebook group, we have an "opt-out" form at Grapevine.
  • Can I leave the land and come back during Festival?
    Unless there is an emergency, we would prefer that you stay on land for the entire duration of the Festival. Our volunteers will make trips to town occasionally for last minute items and are happy to pick-up whatever you need. Please speak with someone at the Grapevine in Hestia's Cauldron if you need anything. We will have a limited supply of extra batteries and a few other supplies on hand if needed, payment is by donation.
  • Will I be able to drive up to my cabin/tenting site to unload my stuff? Can I leave my car next to my cabin?
    Yes, you will be able to drive close to your cabin to unload. There are paved paths that run close to the cabins that will allow you closer access. Do not drive on the grass. Once unloaded, we ask that you will need to move your car to the parking area. We are happy to give you a ride back in a golf cart from the parking area, if needed.
  • Will there be cell service or Wi-Fi available?
    Cell service is generally okay on land. There is Wi-Fi available in Hestia's Cauldron and the Bazaar area. We provide a charging station for mobile devices in Hestia's Cauldron.
  • Are you a non-profit organization?
    We are! There are two parts to non-profit status. One is to register in the state you operate in. We did that. The second is to be granted 501(c)3 status from the IRS. That happened in March of 2022. So, your donations to TSFR are tax deductible in most cases. If you donate to TSFR, you’ll receive a letter in early January of the next year for your tax records.
  • What does my money go toward?
    Our budget and finances are transparent and accessible to any who wish to view them. The majority of our costs are the camp rental for our gathering (about $10,000 in 2022), and food during the gathering (about $6,000 in 2023). The Chef, her two kitchen helpers, and our lifeguard are paid (and their registrations covered) as is our Featured Presenter. We also pay for insurance, printing, golf cart rental, art supplies, TSFR branded merchandise, and publicity. Our Website/Newsletter/Email platform (Wix), Form platform (Cognito) and storage area are also ongoing monthly costs. Everyone, except for those above, and our scholarship recipients pay the full registration fee, including producers, staff, craftswomyn, and presenters. We are very deliberate in our spending so we can offer as many scholarships as possible. If you would like to see our detailed budget, please email - we are happy to share it.
  • How long has The Sacred Feminine Rising been around?
    We formed in the beginning of 2021 and had our first in-person gathering in September 2021! This August we'll gather in-person again at a camp in New York!
  • How can I support The Sacred Feminine Rising?
    You can support TSFR in many ways. The biggest (and most fun way) is to attend festival! Your registration fee provides a huge portion of what is needed to keep TSFR running throughout the year. You can also contribute toward our scholarship fund or donate toward our general expenses. We pinch our pennies HARD so every donation is appreciated, no matter the size.
  • What religion do you practice?
    The Sacred Feminine Rising is dedicated to supporting womyn seeking a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine in whatever form She takes for the individual. Our community members come from a myriad of spiritual paths, practices and religious backgrounds including (but not limited to, and in no particular order): Pagan, Judaism, Christianity, Dianic Wicca, Western Esoteric, Buddhist, Wicca, Indigenous practices, etc.
  • Why is female sovereign space so important?
    We believe that individuals of every group have a right to seek out and gather in sovereign space. We believe that support of such spaces allows for a celebration of the diversity that exists within human experience and that these gatherings are essential to all groups. Shared experience is a powerful connector and it is more essential than ever for the diverse communities that are suffering throughout the world to be able to come together to heal and then spread that healing to their wider communities. There are fewer than 5 womyn's festivals and gatherings left that are specifically safe spaces for womyn and girls to share the lived experience and celebrate the power of being a female-bodied human being. As one of our sister gatherings states, "nothing can replace the experiences of girlhood and the lived experience of all females to navigate, survive, and endeavor to thrive in patriarchy." TSFR fully supports the rights of ALL people to live in a way that satisfies their needs. As such, the womyn in our community assert their right to gather in a way that satisfies our deep need for sovereign space.
  • What does "co-creation" mean?
    This is our community. TOGETHER, we build the container that holds and create the magic that is The Sacred Feminine Rising. Our community is entirely volunteer-run which means that we all have a hand in the creation of the physical and spiritual essence that is The Sacred Feminine Rising. All of our work is Sacred - from the rituals and workshops at our gatherings to the behind the scenes planning and outreach done throughout the year, everyday tasks of keeping our sacred space clean, washing pots and pans, collecting recycling, restocking our areas, helping our crones, using our voices to enrich our space, speak up for others and ourselves, and provide feedback, and so much more. During our festivals we all take at least one co-creation job, called SisterShare - helping in the kitchen, setting up the tables for meals, helping with pre or post fest duties, setting chairs, and so on. Sign-up is done at festival check-in on the first day and SisterShare are catered around any limitations you might have. Pre and Post-festival volunteer opportunities are available. If you'd like to get involved, please email us at We co-create the kind of community we all want to live in.
  • Who is this year's Featured Presenter?
    Our 2023 Featured Presenter was Dr. Sid Reger. Sid is an artist and independent scholar whose passions include prehistoric art, mythology and matrifocal cultures. Now semi-retired, she still teaches widely relating these topics to womyn's spiritual journeys. She is an ordained priestess of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess - International and is on the faculty of the Women's Thealogical Institute. Sid is also president of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology, an international organization for scholars and artists. Please stay tuned for information about 2024.
  • When is festival being held in 2024?
    We will gather August 28th - September 1, 2023. Arrival on August 28th begins at 12pm and departure on the 1st will be around 3pm.
  • Where is the festival held?
    On a camp in the Finger Lakes area of NY. For privacy and safety we don’t reveal the name of the camp, the address or give directions until you are registered.
  • How do I register?
    Please visit our Events Page here to find the link to the registration form.
  • What is your COVID Policy?
    We strongly urge all festival attendees to be fully vaccinated and boosted. We will continue to adhere to any local, state or federal regulations for mask use at the time of festival and you are free to wear a mask at any time.
  • How much is it to attend and what does my registration fee include?
    Your registration includes everything! All of your meals from Wednesday Dinner to Sunday Lunch, snacks, your accommodations, use of the pool, community activities, as well as all rituals and workshops.* *Some workshops may require a small materials fee to attend. 2024 registration fees are as follows: Super Early Bird Registration Super Early Bird Dec 31st - Feb 17th Adults $285 Crones 65+ $255 Teens 13-17 $205 Maidens 5-12 $140 Before 5th birthday, free. Nursing boys are allowed until their second birthday. Early Bird Registration Early Bird Feb 18 - April 6th Adults $305 Crones $275 Teens $220 Maidens $150 Before 5th birthday, free. Nursing boys are allowed until their second birthday. Regular Regular April 7 - May 25th Adults $315 Crones $285 Teens $230 Maidens $160 Before 5th birthday, free. Nursing boys are allowed until their second birthday. Late Summer Late May 26th - July 13 Adult $325 Crones $295 Teens $240 Maidens $170 Before 5th birthday, free. Nursing boys are allowed until their second birthday. We generally have a wait list, so don't delay registering. Walk in $400 for all IF space is available.
  • What is not included in my registration fee?
    Any goods or services provided by our craftswomyn are not included. Some workshops may require a small materials fee (usually $5-$10) to attend. Also, any activities offered throughout the year, outside of our annual gathering, are not included in your registration. These gatherings are usually online and free to attend, but we may expand our offerings in the future.
  • What are the "processing fees" in my registration total?
    Our payment platforms apply a processing fee to every credit card transaction. Unfortunately, it is something beyond our control. We encourage you to pay by check or money order to avoid fees.
  • Are scholarships available?
    Yes, we have a limited amount of scholarships available and make every effort to help every womyn who wishes to attend Festival meet the registration fee. There are no questions asked or work requirements to receive either a full or partial scholarship. Please email to inquire.
  • Can I register at festival?
    Yes. The fee is $400 via credit card, Venmo or cash IF space is available. Please note that you will not be able to choose your housing and will be places where there is space available.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    No, our gathering is open to all ages. Some workshops in Brigid's Forge use sharp knives or scissors and require a parent or guardian to be present for anyone under 12. Most, if not all, aspects of our festival are appropriate for all ages unless otherwise specified in the Program Book or in our announcements during mealtimes.
  • Is the camp accessible?
    Generally, yes. If you have specific accessibility needs, please email
  • Can I bring a wheelchair or scooter?
    Yes, but please be responsible and do not allow Baba to challenge you to a scooter race unless it is on unoccupied, flat pavement and there is a referee on hand. 😉
  • Do you offer transportation from the airport?
    Yes, we try to accommodate any sisters coming from greater distances as best we can. Syracuse and Rochester are the nearest large airports. GENERALLY, someone will be coming from either direction to camp and can pick you up. Email us at with your flight information so we can work together to make arrangements for you. We ask that you contribute for gas as our volunteers use their private vehicles for transportation services. A suggested contribution is around $15 one way - less if you can't, more if you can.
  • What is your Refund Policy?
    If you are unable to attend the festival for any reason you can donate your registration as a scholarship or to our general fund, roll your registration to the next year with the understanding that there may be a small additional cost to you OR you can request a refund as follows: For cancellations on or before July 13th: 100% refund minus a $50 processing fee For cancellations July 14-31: 50% refund minus a $50 processing fee For cancallations August 1-14: 25% refund less $50 processing fee (whichever is larger) No refunds if cancelled less than two weeks prior (after August 14th). Refunds must be requested in writing to: and will be in the form that the initial registration was made (CC, Venmo, check, etc). Refunds will be processed as soon as is practical and no later than 2 weeks after Festival.
  • Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
    Yes, but we'll miss you! If you've paid for your registration and are unable to attend, please email to let us know who will be taking your place before August 14th, 2024.
  • I am registered! When will I receive my Welcome Letter?
    All important information including camp location and directions will be emailed about three weeks before festival (around August 7th, 2024).
  • What should I do if I lost/accidentally deleted my Welcome Letter or haven't received it by August 10th, 2024?
    If you have not received your Welcome Letter please double check that the email you provided at registration is correct and check your spam folder. If you registered as a group, please check-in with the other people in your group to see if they have received one. If only one email address was provided for your group, only that address will receive a Welcome Letter. If you have already taken the steps above, and it is after August 10th, 2024, please email This is an extremely busy time for us, so please be patient. We will get back to you!
  • Will I receive physical tickets or need to bring proof of registration with me?
    No. We will have a printout of all registrants at the Welcome Table and access to the internet to track down any problems.
  • Are pets allowed?
    No. As much as we would love to see your sweetheart, pets are not allowed to come to festival. Service Animals, including ESAs are allowed, but we must be notified in advance (before you arrive). Please email
  • Can I stay off-site and commute in each day?
    Much like a cast circle, we hold our gathering as a spiritual container while we are together and would prefer that womyn do not come and go from the land each day unless absolutely necessary. Commuting disrupts the energy that we invoke. We are always engaging with each other within the micro-community that is created for these five special days and the moments that happen during scheduled activities and in the spaces in between are essential parts of our connection to one another. If your hesitation to stay on land is a concern that we will not be able to meet a specific accessibility need, please let us know so that we may work together to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Please email to discuss your concerns in private.
  • What if festival is cancelled?
    We do everything within our power to not allow this to happen, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances that require us to cancel, we will notify everyone as soon as possible by email or whatever means necessary.
  • What can I expect?
    Sisterhood, connection, learning, ritual, drumming, creating and so much more! If you have any questions we are always available by email at, on Facebook, and we will send newsletters and emails with increasing frequency as festival grows closer.
  • What do I have to bring? What should I pack?
    Well... some womyn arrive with just a tent and backpack while others come in with bins and suitcases trailing feather boas. Above all, you should bring whatever you need to be healthy and feel comfortable. We've compiled a list of suggestions that can be accessed under the "Events" tab.
  • Where can I go to join the online community?
    We have a Page and a Private Group on Facebook. Search for "The Sacred Feminine Rising" (look for the little blue people icon) to join our group. You'll be asked to answer a few questions and agree to the Group Rules. Please make sure you answer everything and agree or your request will be declined.
  • What items are not allowed at Festival?
    Drugs and weapons of any kind are not allowed - no exceptions. The Festival is drug free. While marijuana is legal in New York state, it is still considered a drug and is therefore not allowed. If you use medical marijuana, please let us know via email or speak with KeyKey, Gloria, Samantha, Shana or Suzanne to be sure you are not seen as violating our policy. Candles and other open flames are not allowed in cabins, Hen Houses, or tents. Pets are not allowed, but Service Animals, including ESAs are allowed. You must let us know in advance - before you arrive - if your animal helper will be coming with you. Please email In support of the environment balloons, non-biodegradable glitter, fireworks, and floating lanterns are also prohibited.
  • Where will updates and additional information be shared as we get closer to the date?
    General updates and additional information will be posted to our private Facebook Group. Please search "The Sacred Feminine Rising" on Facebook and answer all of the membership questions, including checking the box to agree to the Group Rules, to join. More important updates and announcements will be emailed if necessary.
  • Where is the nearest hotel?
    If you are looking for a place to stay before or after festival, any of the hotels in the Finger Lakes Region should be appropriate. We can not offer specific recommendations at this time.
  • What will the weather be like?
    While we're all envisioning warm sunny days with cool breezes and pleasant evenings, Mother Nature does what She wants. Typically in late August the weather is warm with highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s with occasional rain. Bring layers and rain gear so that you can be comfortable in any condition.
  • Will I need to show ID to enter?
    No - we've got a list of all attendees on hand!
  • Can my male friend or relative drop me off?
    Yes, but we ask that they do not come any further than the first building. We'll have a welcome station there and will be able to provide you with any additional assistance in getting your belongings to your housing assignment.
  • I left something at the camp! How can I retrieve it?
    We collect a bin of Lost & Found items at the end of Festival. Please email to see if your item has been retrieved.
  • Are there other events throughout the year that I can attend?
    Right now, we don’t have any additional in person events, but we do have virtual events. Check the "Events" tab on our website often for a schedule of what's coming up. Events will also be announced in our private Facebook group and our newsletter. Join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • How can I stay in touch with the community?
    We send a newsletter at Sabbats and cross quarter days, approximately: October 31st (Samhain or Hollowmas), December 21st (Winter Solstice/Yule), February 1st (Imbolc or Candlemass), March 21st (Spring Equinox), May 1st (Beltane), June 20th (Summer Solstice), August 1st (Lammas) and mid September (Fall Equinox). Use the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe to our mailing list. You can also join our private Facebook group by logging into Facebook and searching "The Sacred Feminine Rising" (look for the little blue icon with people on it). You will be asked to answer a series of questions and to agree to the Group Rules. Do not skip this step as it is a requirement to be accepted. We do recognize that some people may not have a Facebook account or object to some of Facebook’s policies and thus choose not have an account, but it’s what we have right now. If you are so inclined, you can create a Facebook account and use it only for TSFR.
  • How do I become a volunteer for next year?
    Just ask! We'd love to have you! Email us at
  • What is the earliest time I can arrive to start setting up my booth?
    You need to be ready to receive shoppers by noon on Wednesday and can arrive as early as Monday, August 26th. If you arrive on Monday, please bring some food to share and be prepared to contribute to the cost of our prefest meals. Our first formal meal isn't until dinner on Wednesday. If you arrive late and are not set up by noon we prefer that you reserve vending for another year. Arriving and setting up late disrupts the energy of the festival, interferes with programming and is discourteous. The Bazaar opens at noon on Wednesday and closes after dinner. For the other days, it opens in the morning and closes after dinner. It’s ok to ask someone to watch your booth, and honor boxes are fine. There is Wi-Fi in the building for using credit cards. There is no security at night so be sure to secure your cash box. Baba (Jean Forant) is the coordinator of the Vending area and will contact you before festival to answer further questions.
  • Can I place an ad for my business or services in the Program Book?
    Sure. We’ll need the jpeg of the ad before July 1st. One quarter page is $25, one half is $50 and full page is $100 payable with the submission of your ad. Please put the jpeg in an email to
  • Can I advertise my business on your website?
    We don't have that ability at this time, but check back in the future.
  • Can I advertise my business in the Facebook group?
    Yes! We have set aside the first Wednesday of every month for Womyn Owned Wednesday to promote the businesses in our community. Please submit a post on or before the first Wednesday highlighting your business or practice and it will be posted to the group. We'd love the opportunity to support you in this way! Suggestions of what to post: an intro to you or your business/services, a link to your website, and photos of what you sell. We also welcome service providers - bodyworkers, tarot readers, reiki practitioners to submit a post.
  • Who do I contact to make sure I have everything I need for my workshop?
    KeyKey Henry is our Presenter Liason. Email and she will get back to you. She will also check-in with you once you are on land to help with any last minute needs. Please remember to bring any pens, pencils, markers, etc that you need and have all of your handouts ready and with you. We can not provide access to a copy machine or guarantee that we will be able to provide additional supplies, but will do our best.
  • Am I allowed to promote my business, book, services, etc. during my workshop?
    We ask that you do not use your workshop time for self-promotion. There is a space in the Bazaar for all Presenters to promote their work, free of charge. We're always looking for submissions for our blog and newsletters. If you have something you'd like to share, please send us an email at
  • Can I place an ad for my business or services in the Program Book?
    Sure. We’ll need the jpeg of the ad before July 1st. One quarter page is $25, one half is $50 and full page is $100 payable with the submission of your ad. Please put the jpeg in an email to
  • Who can I contact if I still have questions?
    Please email and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please note that the closer we get to festival time, the busier we get so please allow us a day or two to respond before you email us again.
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