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The Sacred Feminine Rising 2024

August 28 - September 2, 2024

Join us for our annual gathering where we come together to share laughter, tears, music, drumming, inspiring workshops and ritual. This is a time to celebrate, transform, and grow as a community. We can't wait to see you there!


Join Us in August!

Register for The Sacred Feminine Rising 2024. Attendance is limited to 95 people and the price increases as we get closer so register early!


Be a Vendor

Want to vend your woman-made products or services? Apply to be a vendor at this year's festival! Deadline for applications is July 14th or until all spaces are full.


Share Your Wisdom

Workshops are an opportunity for our community to explore the elements and womyn's spirituality. Submit your proposal by July 14th.

2024 Registration Rates

Your registration includes housing, all meals and snacks, workshops, playshops, art, ritual and general merriment. There is sometimes a small m
aterials fee for art workshops

* Please register early - we have only 100 slots
and we are 87% full as of 5/25.
We will post when registrations are full.
Registrations after that time will be wait-listed.

Also, please note that we have no more private Hen Houses or Cabin spaces available. If privacy is important to you, please consider tenting. 

Late Registration begins NOW!!!

Late Registration   5/26-7/13
Adults $325

Crones over 65 $265
Teens 13-17 $240
Maidens 5-12 $170

Scholarships for 2024 have been awarded.


Honoring Fire

Fire, an element that is associated with the cardinal direction of South, is the focus of Festival 2024. 


Fire represents things both seen (flames) and unseen (embers). A very active element, Fire is associated with movement, will, strong emotion, transformation and passion. 

Fire’s planet is the Sun and her season is Summer. 


Almost every culture has Goddesses associated with Fire: Kali, Hestia, Chantico, Pele, Arinitti, Amaterasu, Oya, and Sekhmet are but a few Goddesses of Fire. 


Fire is also associated with birth, the home and hearth, and ferocity. 

Think of the Leos and Saggitarians you know, the momma bears, and other animals that will defend home, hearth and children at any cost. 


The magical tools of Fire are the wand and the cauldron. 

Colors associated with Fire are, of course, red, orange and yellow. Gemstones are ruby, jasper, garnet and opal. Plants, herbs and flower correspondences are sunflowers, ginger, nettle and frankincense. 


Call on Fire in magical working with intentions that involve movement and change. Be bold. Reach for your inner ferocity, your personal Fire. Your Fire is needed in these times. 


As above, so, below. 

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