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Brigid- Goddess of Imbolc

As a fertility goddess, Brigid is the patron of childbirth, poets, artists, smiths, and all who create. She is also a Goddess of Fire, bestowing her grace and protection on the hearth and forge. Her origin story tells us that at the moment of her birth, a tower of flames shot from the top of her head and reached through the sky into the realm of the deities.  Her red hair proclaims her divinity.

Ancient celebrations of Imbolc tended to be simple celebrations in the home with family and friends. Dolls representing Brigid were made of straw, dressed and placed in a basket to sleep by the hearth overnight.  Brigid’s crosses were woven from rushes and oat straw.  Hearth fires, or bonfires when weather permits, have carried over to modern times. Red and white candles are used during celebrations to represent fire and healing.

Imbolc is a cross quarter day - halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Rowan, willow and oak are associated with Brigid and Imbolc. Rowan represents protection and inspiration. Willow is sacred to Brigid and is a tree of dreaming, deep emotions and spring.  Oak is a crossover. Druids revered oak and the church of St. Brigid is said to have been built under a giant oak. 

Animals sacred to Brigid and symbolic of Imbolc are the white cow and Oystercatcher bird.


Imbolc, or "GET UP!!!"

Momma Brigid tells her son (Sun) that it’s time to get up (Imbolc) for Spring.  He sleepily says "Just 2 more months, Ma" then rolls back over.  Brigid says "Okay. But if you’re not fully up for Spring Equinox (between March 20-22), there won’t be any breakfast!" (The planting and sowing of the fields).

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