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About Us

Our Founding Values

We are a community that embraces co-creation and we pledge:

Safety: a physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, racial, ethnic, cultural, ability and

substance abuse free space.


Transparency: openness to questions, no secrets, integrity in practice and communication. Honesty. Access to information.


Accessibility: making the Divine Feminine accessible to deepen individual practice within age specificity and appropriateness, physical and learning accessibility. This includes sign language interpreters, braille, different languages etc. as needed.


Freedom to Play: sharing wisdom, laughing, dress-up, silliness


Empowerment:  Of self and others, responsibility to self, community and Earth

Community Agreements

TSFR is for womyn who were born female and live as womyn. We maintain the right to gather in sovereign female space without judgement from outside individuals or groups


A place where Womyn and Girls can work together to learn and live the three-fold  principle: that what you do with love and positive thought comes back to you three times


We will practice ways that foster personal and collective empowerment


To hold a space of Love, Peace, Respect and Freedom


To be a space where our Girls and Maidens receive loving, creative and sensitive supervision and guidance to empower them to become the womyn that will become the future of our Community


To be a space that protects and respects our privacy and individuality, while being part of our larger community


To be a space where private and community property is respected

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