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Logo for The Sacred Feminine Rising

Welcome to
The Sacred Feminine Rising

An intentional community dedicated to empowering womyn to connect with the Divine Feminine and each other.

Announcing Festival 2024

 Honoring FIRE!
August 28 - September 1, 2024

Countdown to TSFR 2024...




The Sacred Feminine Rising was founded in 2020 and had its first in- person gathering in September 2021. We are a 501c3 religious non-profit organized by a spiritual community of womyn.



We are a community that embraces co-creation and pledge safety, transparency, accessibility, freedom, and empowerment. ​



TSFR is a sovereign female space where we can work together in ways that foster personal and collective empowerment in a space of Love, Respect, and Freedom.

Mission Statement

The Sacred Feminine Rising, Inc. (TSFR) is a nonprofit spiritual organization that supports and empowers natal womyn in accessing the Divine Feminine. We interact with our community to co-create and build relationships as well as educate, inform, and promote a connection to the Divine Feminine as She exists. TSFR is for those who are born biological females, are socialized and enculturated as womyn, and live as womyn/girls. We believe that shared experience is a powerful connector; that individuals of every group have a right to seek out and peacefully gather in sovereign space and that support of such spaces allows for the deeper healing that must occur in order to be able to come together to heal our wider communities. 


TSFR fully supports the rights of ALL people to live in a way that satisfies their needs.  As such, the womyn in our community assert their right to gather in a way that satisfies our deep need for sovereign space.


How the Goddess manifests in every womyn is our connection and portal to understanding the Divine within ourselves. Our focus is on examining how our sacred bodies and life cycles, along with cultural and societal experiences that are unique to womyn who are born, socialized, and live as womyn, affect our spirituality and our relationship with ourselves and our bodies. Our community members come from a variety of faith backgrounds, and are united in their desire to commune with the Goddess and with individuals who have shared experiences and who are actively seeking a deeper spiritual connection with their female bodies and selves. As such, we honor and celebrate each womyn as a representative of the Divine by building a spiritual community with like-minded womyn. This takes the form of a yearly festival that brings our membership together in a space between worlds where physical, emotional, and psychic safety prevail. Between festivals, we maintain our connection via newsletters, smaller gatherings, online meetings, and social media channels.

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