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Brigid: The Exalted One

The Celtic Goddess Brigid is one of the most universal and adaptive deities found in all known spiritual paths. She is often referred to as “The Exalted One” as well as the many other versions of her name– Brigantia, Brid, Bride, Brigdu, and Brigit.

As a Goddess of creation, she is the Patroness of healers, midwives, poets, musicians, artists, blacksmiths, farmers and family. She is the protector of women, keeper of prophecies and dreams, watcher of destinies, guardian of the future. Brigid’s crosses are displayed throughout a home to ask her for blessings and protection. Her cross also represents a wheel of the year; the evenly spaced arms representing the solstices and equinoxes.

Her universal and adaptive nature has given her unique qualities. She is considered a triple goddess but not aligned as Maiden-Mother-Crone. She is associated with the element of Fire (smiths) but, as a Goddess of creation, also calls on Earth (hearth/home), Air (poetry/music), and Water (healers/farmers). She is the Celtic Goddess of Imbolc, a peak season for creation.

As Saint Brigid of Kildaire or Saint Bride of the Mantle, she is known as the foster mother of Christ. She achieved this title by wrapping the newborn in her mantle and caring for Mary while weakened from childbirth.

-Sam Vinke

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